About us

Welcome to Akathiya Natural: Embracing Tradition, Harnessing Nature's Power.

Welcome to Akathiya Natural Pvt Ltd, a beacon of excellence in the realm of organic skincare. Our commitment to crafting premium cold process soaps is not just a promise but a dedication to surpassing USA standards. Meticulously manufactured with adherence to the highest quality benchmarks, our products represent the epitome of wellness.

 Akathiya Natural, we embark on a journey rooted in sustainability, purity, and a profound respect for nature. Our organic cold process soaps undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they meet and exceed the stringent standards set by regulatory authorities in the USA. This commitment to quality and authenticity underscores our mission to provide an unparalleled skincare experience.

Our soap-making process combines the richness of organic ingredients with cutting-edge skincare science, resulting in products that not only rejuvenate the skin but also align with our environmental responsibility. As we export our organic cold process soaps to the USA, we take pride in delivering a touch of natural luxury to those who appreciate the art of self-care.


Join us in embracing a skincare revolution that transcends expectations, where every Akathiya Natural product is a testament to the beauty of organic living. Experience the difference, backed by USA standards and verified through rigorous lab testing. Experience Akathiya Natural.

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